Late 1970's GS'Time Kaster' Bolt-on Neck [GS-1 #22 3/76]

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Late 1970's GS'Time Kaster' Bolt-on Neck [GS-1 #22 3/76]

Postby ChrisClark on Sun Feb 04, 2007 1:07 pm

I found this picture on the intertubes and have no idea who posted this.

This is a bolt-on 1 piece neck with the fender style flat headstock. [no tilt] You can always spot a bolt-on by seeing the pickguard between the neck pickup and fretboard.
The body looks like either mahogany or Vermont cherry. This was made in the Vergennes shop or in Darrells' Music store basement. The tone switches are all in a line. This is a late change for the Time Kaster. Around June 1978 Time moved to space at Darrell's Music in Burlington. I was attending UVM in 76/7 and used to visit Darrell's quite a bit before I started working for Time.
In the basement, Alan Stack used to apply the finishes at night. We had our spray exhaust routed into the building drain vents and the dentist office on the 3rd floor used to complain about this strange Lacquer smell! No one ever knew.
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Re: Late 1970's GS'Time Kaster' Bolt-on Neck

Postby tommymc on Sat May 23, 2009 11:43 pm

Tonight, I was playing a gig with my Time guitar and Darrell showed up in the audience. He got up and played a few numbers on the Time and after the gig, he told me about this website. You can imagine my surprise at finding this picture of my guitar! I can fill a few details. I bought this one at Darrell's Music around 1979 or 1980. I was told it was made in the basement which is consistent with Chris' time line. The body is walnut and the neck is maple, weighing in around 9.6 lbs......a full 10 lbs with the strap. She's so heavy. The original selling price was around $550.

The model/serial on the neck is GS1-022 with a date of 3-25-76. The volume and tone controls are like a standard Les Paul, with the addition of a master volume. There is the standard 3-way toggle switch for front/both/rear pickup. The 4 small switches are tap and phase for each pickup. You can get a pretty wide range of sounds with this setup.
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