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The Last Flying-V - Saved from the Fire on Shunpike Rd.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:34 pm
by jeffwash
The Last Flying V - Saved from the Fire on Shunpike Rd.

I bought it from Mark Willis in 1987 or so. It had been painted but was otherwise unfinished. I employed Glen Schoal of Schoal's Guitars to finish putting it together. I bought the black floyd rose and black Schaller tuners from Mark also. The pick up's, Seymour Duncan, were purchased from Advanced Music. Glen put the wiring together as I recall, with a little help from Chris Clark. It has not been played professionally in any staged environment. New in the box, basically. The case is Gibson, for a flying-V.

It is for sale. Reach out for more details.

Feel free to contact me through the forum.

-Jeff Washburn


Update, 12/27/16

I removed the back cover looking for numbers where the Floyd Rose springs attach. There I found a picture of Batman, most likely cut out of a DC comic book and clear coated into the base of this routed out area.

Was this guitar originally being made for the same individual mentioned in the article "The Hands of Time", posted on the forum in Jan of 2014 about a custom guitar with a Batman motif?