Well Worn GS [GS8X-151 1/83]

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Well Worn GS [GS8X-151 1/83]

Postby Jedd on Mon May 04, 2009 1:08 pm

I traded a Bassman head for my Time guitar in the mid-1990s and knew next to nothing about the guitar (just that some guys somewhere in Vermont made them) until a friend pointed me toward this forum recently. So, first of all, thanks so much for putting this together. It's great to get some history.
My guitar is a blue GS8 with a brass nut (the base of the neck with the pickguard off reads GS8X-151 1/83 - the last number could be 1/03, but I think 1/83 is right). I've used it in folk, rock, indie, punk bands since and recorded with it for years. It shows up on my band's (Vermont rock/folk group, Farm) albums, but electronics trouble have taken it out of action recently. The electronics look more straightforward than some of the other models I've seen on this forum (just pickup selector, master volume, and individual pickup volume and tone knobs). It's got some battle scars on the finish, lots of chipping, but I've always loved the feel, sound and the look of this guitar. Any specifics about this guitar or model (when it was built, etc.) would be great if anyone has them to share.
Some electronic connection problems have cropped up in recent years, so any schematics would also be greatly appreciated. I'd love to work out the kinks so I can really start using it again but I hesitate to dive in without wiring diagrams at the very least.
The case is original with the Time logo stenciled on, but the handle broke over the years from the sheer weight of this beast. I replaced it last year with braided speaker wire. Works well so far. The bridge was replaced with a smaller tune-o-matic style bridge. It needs work to return to its former glory, but it'll definitely be worth the effort.
I've attached a photo, but hopefully I'll get better ones at some point.
Thanks again for this forum.

jedds time smaller.jpg
jedds time smaller.jpg (426.44 KiB) Viewed 4621 times
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Re: Well Worn GS

Postby ChrisClark on Tue May 05, 2009 9:26 am

Hi Jedd,

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the post!

Your GS8 was built in January 1983. You can find it's 'Litter-Mate' here. Bill Simmon has a GS9X #152. We always built guitars in multiples of six.

This is the second guitar I've seen with the X in the model number. I can't for the life of me remember what the X meant! I have opened up Bill 's guitar and looked around, I did notice resistors between the ground and volume pots.... This would, in concept, have extended the usable range on the volume pots, plus it let you turn up to eleven! Just kidding, sort of.

I have found a source for the Gibson/Schaller bridge, but have not ordered one to check them out.

Bill's guitar has a problem with the selector switch and I suspect that yours does also. If you are down to Burlington at some point, send me a PM/email. I can take a look at your's to be sure.

Thanks again,
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Re: Well Worn GS

Postby Jedd on Tue May 05, 2009 10:37 pm

Hi Chris,
I guess January 1983 makes sense - 1/83 in serial code after all ... a bit embarrassed I missed that.
Bill Simmon is also the man who suggested I check the forum out, so it's funny our guitars came from the same 'litter' and just one number apart.
I remain curious about the mystery of the 'X'.
Thanks for the info about the bridge and volume pots as well. Not to mention the kind offer to take a look. You could well be hearing from me sometime soon. The heart of the problem has indeed been the pickup selector switch. That may be all it is, but if memory serves there was some new buzz and crackling emerging. Perhaps just a good cleaning of the pots or some loose connections? If you're willing to take a look and offer some advice it would be much appreciated. I'd certainly be willing to pay for your efforts and time. (That pun was not intended. All apologies.) I'm anxious to get it back into action. I hate not being able record and play live with it.
Thanks again and perhaps I'll speak with you sometime soon.
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