A heavy green one.

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A heavy green one.

Postby JaxPhil on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:04 am

I've been searching for more info about Time forever. Thanks to my old friend Craig French for sending me this link.

I've got a heavy green Time (I'll have to check the model later tonight and take a pic). I bought it from The Barn. I had heard about Time guitars from Craig and one day while I was home from the US Coast Guard I stopped by. I don't think the place was in production at that time (1985ish). The guy who was there graciously gave me a tour of the place and showed me all the unfinished and finished guitars. I HAD to have one! So I picked out a guitar and put a deposit on it. I think I paid $180 total for it and I believe the guy in the barn reduced the cost because I looked pretty pathetic drooling over the guitars. Back then that was huge money for me. Paid the remainder via check and my mom got a call in South Burlington that "my guitar was ready to be picked up" and then immediately called me in Virginia to ask me what the hell I was doing buying an electric guitar. Ha...it was my first lesson on "discounting" purchase prices when talking to women who just don't understand.

Over the years my Time has lived in Vermont; Portsmouth, VA; GITMO, Cuba; Chincoteague Island, VA; Anna Maria Island, Florida; Atlanta, GA; Beaufort, SC; and finally Jacksonville, FL. I almost sold it twice, but had a gut feeling I should hold on to it. Goliath Flores lives in my neighborhood here in Jax and is an outstanding guitarist (search for him on the web). He played it during a lesson a few years back and said, "don't ever ever lose this guitar."

I used to have a Guerilla Amp, and then I think I bought Craig's old Crate amp. It had burns on it but all I remember is lots of beer and lighter fluid and Jimi Hendrix...fuzzy...
Now I play through a small Fender Blues Jr. Just laid back chilling out stuff...not in a band. I will probably hand my guitar down to my son in about 10 years when he turns 18.

Phil Collins
Jax, FL
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Re: A heavy green one.

Postby crgfrench on Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:02 am

Hey Phil,

I'm pretty sure yours is a Prime Time model. It is beautiful and I remember always sounded great through any amp. Those were fun times.


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