Double cut away Time [GS8 #111]

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Double cut away Time [GS8 #111]

Postby rideorsail on Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:30 am

My friend just pointed me to this site. I have a Time guitar that is, with perhaps the exception of the strat I built in high school, my favorite guitar. Anyone who has ever played it has been blown away by every aspect of this instrument. I'd love to know more about this guitar - when it was built, who designed it and who built it.



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Re: Double cut away Time

Postby ChrisClark on Sun Jul 27, 2008 9:41 am

Hey Rich, Thanks for posting.
You have a GS posted. This one is just covered with Gibson tidbits. [Original tidbits]

Selector switch.
S1 bridge.
Truss rod cover.
Tone & Volume Knobs. [possibly the pots too.]

This guitar was likely built as we moved from the Darrell's Music shop into the barn. ~1978 [EDIT: This guitar is more likely built around 1981-82 due to more guitars seen with positive dating and similar features. Chris] It was designed by Alan and built by Alan, SollyDad [John], and myself. At that point, it was just the three of us. Times also started having brass nuts during this period.

It has the Gibson pickups, which is unusual for Times. During this period Time was not setup to produce the hand wound pickups of the early Times. At this point, Times would start sporting different after-market pickups until the barn got settled.

The body is one piece of Honduras Mahogany. The headstock looks to be Cocobolo or Bocote. Cocobolo is from the Rain Forest and is now an endangered tree. [Due to unmanaged harvesting for export to people like Time Guitars during the 70's. Well.. not just us, pool-cue makers are to blame too! ] The 24 1/2" scale [12" radius] fretboard is East Indian Rosewood. Maple neck. All standard GS stuff here.

The serial number can be found at the end of the neck after lowering the neck pickup. If you have the time; send us the serial number.

Thanks again,
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Re: Double cut away Time

Postby rideorsail on Sat Aug 02, 2008 10:36 am

Thanks for the info Chris!

Here's the serial number:

GS 8 - 111

I have a friend on the west coast who is a total SG fiend who played this guitar recently and fell in love with it. It seems to share some of the SG principles, but is more organic looking and much more sturdy/stable. I get a lot of comments from people on its design - it looks like a custom that could have been build anytime in the last 40 years.

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