The complete TIME PORTFOLIO series from 1984

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The complete TIME PORTFOLIO series from 1984

Postby ChrisClark on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:51 pm

The original TIME Portfolio series.

This series is the first 'brochure' for Time. The photo shoots were started in 1984 right after Alan sold his interest in Time. These were created by Photographer Barb Leslie & myself. I would bring guitars to her studio as they were built. This allowed us to make a set that could be sent out as a whole or sent in response to customer requests. In turn, this cataloged all we produced at that point. With this series we could float out all the models to see which drew the most interest. It was a true 'fishing expedition'!

We got our feet wet with this series and had the benefit of short, less costly photo shoots and print production costs. Well, at least many smaller bills, not one huge bill!

The series coincided with the 1st magazine ad in December 1984. [Guitar Player] The series was also used with single pages in targeted direct mail offers.

All specifications and wiring options are clearly documented in this series too.

It's interesting to note how 'dry' and emotionless these pieces are. That would soon change...

- Chris

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